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Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be populated from time to time

1. It doesn't work at all. The image opens up in a new page. What's wrong?

Check if you have included all files and set up FancyBox correctly

2. Can a FancyBox appear over the top of my Flash content?

Yes, read this explanation

3. Can the script be called from an iframe?

This is not supported as FancyBox is attached to page body. You can modify FancyBox source to suit your needs

4. I like it, is there any plugin for Wordpress ?

There are a few, you can try using this

5. How can I close FancyBox from other element? ?

Just call $.fancybox.close() on your onClick event

6. I`m using custom urls for images (for example, index.php?action=dlattach;topic=3.0;attach=9;image) and FancyBox shows source of image. Why?

FancyBox gueses content type from url but sometimes it can be wrong. The solution is to force your type, like so - $(".selector").fancybox({'type' : 'image'});

(required version 1.3+)

7. FancyBox is not working on all images, only first one opens. What's wrong?

If you are using ID as selector $("#selector").fancybox(); then switch to classes - $(".selector").fancybox();

8. How to always show left and right navigation arrows?

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